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Rituals Strengthen Relationships

It can be easy to assume someone knows how you feel about them. We may think that everyone at the meeting understands the purpose of the work we do together. It might seem like enough to have a list of company values prominently posted in the break room and on the website.

Until someone does something that violates the norms of the company, or team cohesion starts to break down, or psychological safety is lost.

Relationships require care and feeding, and one way to do that is through ritual.

It could be saying hello and goodbye to those in offices near yours. Or beginning each meeting with a reminder of why the meeting was called. Or reading a set of guiding principles at the beginning of each company gathering.

Little things that don’t take much time, but might feel repetitive or redundant. These little rituals are threads that knit a team and an organization tighter and tighter – one conversation and one meeting at a time.

What rituals might you create or stick to more closely in your organization to remind each other of why you are there, why your work matters, and that you belong together?

4 May 2022

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