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Culture consultant & social tech teacher/facilitator at SoulCo & Northeastern University. He/Him. Dad, Harvard and NEC alum, visual thinker, dabbler in ukulele, electronic music, 한국어, and TTRPGs.


You won't succeed if you don't try

You won’t succeed if you don’t try. Yes, it’s a truism, but that doesn’t make it any less true.

Equally true is that you can’t avoid failure if you want to succeed.

When doing anything new, anything worth doing, you will inevitably fail along the way. Probably many times. Or in the words of Jason Mraz, you’ll “win some and learn some.”

The only way to avoid failure is not to try. And if you don’t try, you’ll never succeed.

It’s not “success or failure,” but “success and failure.” It’s a package deal.

18 May 2022

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