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Mind your own business

There’s more going on in the world than any one of us can keep up with.

Government in-fighting, societal unrest, unpredictable markets, climate crises, wars, displaced peoples, not to mention the drama in entertainment and social media circles.

It’s good to be aware of our larger environment, but we can spiral ourselves down into feeling hopeless and helpless when so much of our attention is on things “out there” beyond our grasp.

The fact is, there’s so much in our lives that we don’t know. And there’s so much that we can’t directly influence.

If you find yourself feeling hopeless and helpless, that may be a sign to mind your own business. In other words, to pay attention that what is within your reach. Where do you have direct response-ability — the ability to respond? What is the Work that is yours to do? Who are the people around you for whom you can make a difference?

There are things we can do as citizens of the world to support the well-being of all. And if we don’t each do the Work that is ours to do, and make a difference for the people around us, who else is going to do it?

If you’re feeling there is nothing you can do, try looking closer to where you are. What do you see?

17 June 2022

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