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Enjoying the work

Earlier today I was angry about wasting so much time. I noticed how fast the time was going by without my getting much done. I felt frustrated and berated myself for being so unproductive.

Now I notice how much time I have left before the end of the workday. It feels luxurious, like I have all the time in the world to finish my “must do” tasks with time left over to enjoy working ahead on some things.

I’m not sure that “earlier me” would have wanted to hear it, but in this moment I notice how much time is just a matter of perspective. And the questions of how much work I “should” get done by a certain time is an arbitrary measurement I put on myself, or someone else puts on me. It’s an opinion, rather than a fact. It’s a matter of values, rather than objective truth.

I value well-being and have learned that my true happiness doesn’t come from how much time I have or how much I get done, but from how much I enjoy working.

I still forget this more often than not, but I feel grateful that I can enjoy working now, even if I haven’t always enjoyed it the past, like earlier today.

23 August 2022

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