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Is that true?

What’s the harm in asking?

Maybe it is true, and maybe it’s not.

We make so many assumptions just to get through daily life, often without ever realizing it, and sometimes those assumptions steer us the wrong way. So it’s worth asking, “Is that true?”

This isn’t to argue, but just to wonder. To pause to notice if it’s an assumption, or if there might be something we’re missing. And to create a space for another perspective or a more complete view.

What do you feel when you hear the question, “Is that true?” Curiosity? Or maybe defensiveness, or even anger?

If strong feelings come up with that question, where are they coming from? Is there a danger you sense from asking that question? A threat that you fear?

If so, it might be useful to look at that perceived threat and ask, “Is that threat true?”

Because if that threat isn’t true, then congratulations! You’ve just won yourself a little more freedom from fear.

So the next time you find yourself certain of something, it might be worth asking yourself, “Is that true?” and see where that question leads!

16 September 2022

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