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Culture consultant & social tech teacher/facilitator at SoulCo & Northeastern University. He/Him. Dad, Harvard and NEC alum, visual thinker, dabbler in ukulele, electronic music, 한국어, and TTRPGs.


Skills for not fitting in

In “Stop Stealing Dreams,” Seth Godin wrote about the origin of our current work culture, why it’s not working for us anymore, and how our education system is designed around shaping us to fit in and succeed as standardized human units in the current system.

But some of us don’t fit in, and don’t want to fit into a standardized system. We see possibilities for working together by contributing from our unique strengths. We see a new paradigm of work that is life-giving and serving people and the planet, rather than soul-sucking and depleting workers and the Earth.

A new paradigm that doesn’t exist, and won’t exist until those of us who are holding the seeds of change inside ourselves leave the current system and set out to create the new one. But how?

We need new skills for working without a manual, without structure, without guarantees, which is really hard, especially for those of us who have enjoyed being rewarded in school and at work. No more rules or norms to fall back on. No guard rails to lean on for security. No paths to follow for success.

Which is why we have to learn together how to find our way in the wild: bushwhacking, orienteering without a map, searching for sustenance and safe shelter as we go.

If you’re done with trying to fit into a standardized system and are looking for a new way of living and working on your own terms, Jung and I at SoulCo are here to teach you inner skills for thriving without fitting in. You are welcome as you are in our community of fellow journeyers yearning for a better way to live and work with well-being.

Someday a new paradigm of living and working with wholeness may become the new normal. But what keeps you from learning the inner skills to get started on your path today? Skills for finding your way out of the current paradigm, and for building something new where we can all thrive by practicing together, and reminding each other what truly matters in life to live and work meaningfully and regeneratively.

14 May 2024

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